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To find success in business today, what you need to do is to convey a professional look. This does not imply buying a big office and an expensive suit. It implies investing in an effective corporate identity.

For this reason, it is important that you start to think about getting a corporate identity for your company. If it’s been years since you started your company and you still don’t see great progress, a corporate identity will make the difference. By only investing a little money, you can gain a lot.

What is corporate identity? It is a specific style that will characterize your company, make it easily identifiable by your customers. It is a marketing process that strengthens your brand and your company’s position in the marketplace. A company is an abstract entity, and its identity, the only material image it has in front of its customers. In other words, this marketing element works as your company’s face: it is the representation of all the people that make up the company, the company’s activity, products and services, and every single aspect about your company.

A corporate identity is made up by a series of graphic design elements that will make your company look consistent. That is, all of the marketing elements presented to your customers will have the same design concept. This corporate identity design concept should be thought and analyzed carefully. For this reason, you should hire a professional to take care of this job. There are corporate identity designers who are specialized in this area. They will analyze your target and your business to create a concept that will help your company gain more customers and, thus, boost sales.

A corporate identity design is made up by symbols. These symbols are created not only to call the attention of the customers, but to make them trust you and want to buy your products. If the identity is designed properly, that is to say, if it works as an efficient marketing element, your company will certainly find success. In the end, no matter how much you spend on your corporate identity, it will always be affordable because you will make a lot of money with it.

It is very difficult to see what a corporate identity can do because it generally produces unconscious reactions. The identity is formed by colors, logo designs, images and phrases that play an important role in the unconscious process of choosing a product. When customers are in front of many brands, they will choose the one that has the best influence on them. That is, the brand with the corporate design that conveyed reliance and professionalism in their minds.

A logo design is the most important element and first thing to be developed in a corporate identity. The logo design will establish the colors, shapes and style of the whole identity. This is why you should give great importance to the logo design. When you have your corporate identity done, pay a lot of attention to this element. Try to inform the designer as much as you can about what you want your logo to convey because, in the end, that message will be conveyed by the whole identity.

The rest of the elements that generally make up a corporate identity are: brochures, leaflets, catalogs, notebooks, emails, website design, business cards, etc. When your logo is finished, the designer can start using it as a model for the design of the other elements. The logo can —in most cases, should— also appear in them: a business card without the company’s logo may look incomplete.

A company showing a consistent look will look professional and serious. It is probable that you will get a lot more customers looking for you if you have a good corporate identity design. Just think of the most renowned corporations and you will realize that all of them have it. If you go to buy a pair of jeans, you will enter a shop that will have a consistent décor: walls, curtains and a sign with the brand name matching as regards colors and style. Then you go to look at the products and the pair of jeans you choose has removable and stitched labels with the brand name —with the same colors and style than the décor. Then, after you tried the product, you decide to buy it, so you give the pair of jeans to the cashier and she will put your selected piece of clothing in a bag with the brand name and again the same colors and style. When you go out of the shop, you feel pleased with your purchase and with the esthetic experience you’ve just had. There were nice colors, shapes and fragrances all over the place, playing an important role in your decision about whether you like the pair of jeans or not. If you had been in front of the same product, but surrounded by an awful smell, colorless walls and dirty floors, you probably wouldn’t have liked that piece of clothes that much.

How can you save money when getting your corporate identity? To have a corporate identity designed may be expensive, but there are ways to save money. One is to look for online graphic design agencies. There you will find a lot of competition and, to gain clients, they keep cutting their costs. You can find affordable corporate identity designs. There are many design agencies that offer templates for corporate identity designs. This may not look really original but at least it’s an affordable option that may work for you.

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